Smaran Capsule - 30 Cap

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Smaran Capsule (Provides mental energy)-30 Cap


1. Useful in increasing memory.

2. Removes mental depression.

3. Useful in concentration ability & nervous debility.

4 Supportive therapy in mild to moderate mental retardation. 

5. Useful in behavior disorder like aggressive behavior.


1. Memory disturbance

2. Mental fatigue

3. Speech defect

4. Mental retardation

5. Epilepsy

6. Behavior disorders

Dose: A dose of 1 cap. may be taken with milk twice in a day.

Presentation: 30 cap., 50 cap., 100 cap., 500 cap, 1000 cap., 2500 cap.

Ingredients: In each capsule main

Ingredients are:-

S. No
Main Ingredients
Botanical Name
1.Mukta pishti
-5 mg
2.Tagar extract
Valerina wallichi
10 mg
3.Jyotishmiti extract
Celastrus paniculatus
20 mg
4.Bramhi extract
Centella asiatica
25 mg
5.Wach extract
Acorus calamus
25 mg
6.Aswagandha extract
Withenia sominifera
25 mg
7.Arjun extract
Terminela arjuna
25 mg

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